Gamblers Bonus and i3 players play over a BILLION dollars per year. This is because our marketing efforts are focused only on our partner locations, not on our own gaming establishments (because we don’t own any). At Century, our success depends completely on your success.

gamblers bonus
branded players club

  • Our advertised Four of a Kind Bingo product is arguably the most popular video poker product in Nevada for over 20 years, driving play and establishing loyalty like no other.
  • Marketing assistance from our expert team makes it easy to determine how best to reward your players.
  • Our marketing team allows you to focus on managing your property while we make sure your promotions work.
  • Automatic e-mailed reports send you the most important information about your players and their activity.

i3 branded
promotional system

  • The fastest growing C-store promotional system in Nevada since 2014.
  • We provide promotional materials to ensure players know how to earn bonus wheel spins for free money.
  • The simple design makes the benefits easy to understand for both players and staff, increasing player participation and reducing staff involvement. i3 basically runs itself!



customize your
marketing plans

  • Customized design support for marketing materials that fit your brand.
  • Dozens of different promotions with thousands of possible setup combinations keep every Gamblers Bonus and i3 location unique and exciting for players.
  • We provide access to our time tested and well respected brands and logo art, giving your location instant credibility.

promotions screens

  • All of our promotional systems come with large LCD monitors that display your custom promotional content.
  • Include your logo and content on the LCD screen to advertise anything from promotions and drawings to restaurant specials or happy hour details.
  • Customize seasonal and holiday greetings for customers.
  • Scroll recent jackpot feeds on the LCD screen to intice more game play.



global club

  • We’re the only route operator in Nevada running weekly radio ads to advertise for our partner locations.
  • Club wide promotions coordinated by our marketing team with promotional materials provided by CGT.
  • Direct player marketing programs keep loyal players coming back for more with no effort or expense on your part.
  • Social media campaigns and promotions that reach thousands of local players every week – check out the Gamblers Bonus Facebook page and see for yourself!

  • An entire website designed to enhance a player’s experience with Gamblers Bonus, answer questions and drive players to your location.
  • offers web-activated promotions, available exclusively on the website.
  • Advertise your promotions on the website, giving you a digital marketing presence with zero additional cost!