Century Gaming Technologies Nevada began our long and storied history as Advanced Patent Technologies roughly fifty years ago.  Although the Advanced Patent Technologies name was changed to United Coin Machine Company soon after our founding, the focus on technological advancement has always embodied the essence of our company. This is a primary reason why we recently changed the name again, reflecting our corporate focus on technological advancement. While doing business as United Coin, Century continuously introduced a series of innovative and creative gaming products to the market. Our early stepper reel slot games and our introduction of one of the first multi-game video poker devices helped to usher in a new era of poker-based gaming over twenty years ago. Since then we’ve brought many revolutionary technologies to the market, including our patented Secure Cash dispensing system and the first cardless player tracking system, Gamblers Bonus. Innovations like these have forever changed the way gaming in Nevada is conducted, placing us and our business partners well ahead of the competition. With our recent name change to Century Gaming Technologies, we have re-embraced the technological focus of our core business. Our advanced game management systems make managing a successful gaming operation easier and more profitable than ever before, while our unique promotional products make playing in a Century partner location more enjoyable for players than ever before. Today Century Gaming Technologies remains a market leader among local Nevada slot route operators, thanks in large part to our continuing efforts to introduce the latest in technological advancements. The most recent products we’re developing will surely set the standard for restricted license gaming operations in Nevada, much like so many of our inventions have done in the past.