A simple, affordable, fee-based system means you keep 100% of your gaming profits for yourself. We provide and install all player tracking hardware and promotional software. We even throw in marketing support, software updates, and a comprehensive reporting system.

Increase your gaming revenues and keep 100% of the profits!

Make more money GUARANTEED!

  • Access your cash when you need it.
  • Drop you machines on your schedule.
  • No check to be cut or ACH payment to go through, get your profits as soon as your done counting your money.
  • Reconcile cash easily with Century supplied hardware and proprietary software.
  • Dispenser cash is supplied by Century on a zero interest loan paid back over 52 weeks, after which it is yours.
  • It doesn’t cost a dime, it makes you 1% more on your split.

These products are also available for your operation.