Power Vision has quickly become a sought after gaming machine by local players due to the incredible poker graphics, the wide variety of unique keno content and slot offerings by Aristocrat, including the world famous BUFFALO! If you don’t have Power Vision, you’re missing a huge, growing player base!

The most recognized name in the world of multi-game machines, IGT’s popular line of Game King video poker, keno and slot machines is a must-have for any Nevada gaming establishment.

The classic Bally V7000 has stood the test of time and is still the favorite for many big-time local Nevada players. A built in 10th coin bonus often refered to as the “Bally Bump” provides 2,000 extra coins on a 10-coin royal flush!

You may think slot games aren’t important to your business, but you would be wrong. Aristocrat slots have proven to increase overall play and are the most recognized slots in the gaming industry. We provide more Aristocrat options than anyone else.